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In big steps to the top straight away

Being fast is not witchcraft!

dasbob will be Germany's first fully-assorted online department store with unique advantages and benefits for our customers. In addition, we will be THE lifesaver for retailers in our city centres. So far, nothing new for all of you who have been following our mission for a while. Now we're taking it to the next level.

Currently, we are conducting negotiations with the 17 largest retail chains in Germany, including enterprises from the areas such as electronics, books, fashion, cosmetics and personal care, home furniture and decoration, food retailing as well as the DIY sector, which includes hardware stores.

From these cooperation meetings, long-term partnerships will be formed that offer a lot of advantages for both sides. Our partners will gain another important sales channel. At the same time, we will significantly increase the range of items in our online shop and dasbob will become widely known and visible through its on-site presence with our new partners.

In total, we are talking about more than 6000 retail shops within Germany, which will be connected closely with the dasbob online shop. This way, we achieve an even stronger connection and closer relationship with our customers.

Needless to say, we never lose sight of our main goal – to revive retail and transform city centres into flourishing places again. We will therefore continue to integrate the small and smallest retailers of the branches into our partnership network and connect them to dasbob.

Thanks to the high agility of our partners, the cooperation negotiations progress quickly and smoothly. We are sure to achieve very good results for everyone very soon.

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