We take off because things can't be continued that way.

dasbob. Der Weg.

We are sick and tired of the status quo. Of a divided society. Of abandoned inner cities. Of exploitation and climate sins.

We are dasbob. We will become Germany's first full-range online department shop. Just like online shopping - but even better. Our mission is to transform society. Bringing it back to the good.

Going from an idea to a vision to rebellion

Philosophical conversations and dissatisfaction about increasingly challenging social circumstances - these are basically thrilling elements of an evening of good company. However, in this case it was the spark that started dasbob. And the beginning of an incredible journey.

The central idea: How might it feel to be able to get everything for one euro? To us, finding the answer is the ultimate key to overall happiness. It is also one of the fundamental elements of dasbob.

The rebellion is on the move: with bobbing.

Take that, Jeff.

There is no reason why anonymous major enterprises are earning a fortune in online retailing while smaller, traditional retailers suffer existential fear. Is there? Absolutely nothing can justify the unequal distribution of market shares in favour to e-commerce companies using doubtful methods - unless it's greed for profit. That's not our way at all. It never will be.

We will prove that an e-commerce company can operate and think economically while contributing to a healthy society.
Let's be very honest: what is a society without vivid inner cities?

Revolution to us is taking all retailers throughout Germany with us to build a bridge between e-commerce and local retail. We eliminate existential fears of an entire industry with one swipe.

Using the postcode of our customers, we find local retailers in the direct area, send one of our bike couriers there and deliver products emission-free and in most cases on the same day.

Our best offer: building a bridge to the real world.

Ordering on our dasbob marketplace is also shopping at local retailers. Whether a product was bobbed for €1 or bought with the 10% Best Price Guarantee, our partner retailers always get their full, regular retail price refunded.

In this way, we effectively close their sales gaps and eliminate the existential fears of an entire industry.

Customer hotline at your fingertips

Next stop: Berlin, Kranzler Eck.

Right here, our first terminal is being built and thus a direct connection between dasbob and the world out there.

You'll find more than just the best coffee in town here! The service team is like our customer hotline turned physical and is there to help and advise all our visitors. The space is generous, modern and open, offering plenty of opportunities for meet-ups, events and all kinds of interactions. One highlight is our own TV studio, where we will produce smaller video formats.

Stay tuned - there's a lot in store for you.

Robin Hood would be proud.

Bobbing is fun. Bobbing makes you happy. Bobbers are heroes! With your contribution you are supporting social projects in your neighbourhood.

A large part of our profits is used for selected social projects. With our commitment and through dasbob e. V., we effectively support measures against poverty among the elderly, to fight against youth crime, for more social equity and many more.

For example, we want little Kevin to be able to go on a school trip without his single mother working double shifts and still being stuck in front of an empty fridge for three weeks, and we want granny Erna to never have to collect refundable bottles again in order to make a living - along with her very small pension. From now on, no one should feel disadvantaged because of their social status or social background.