A lively buzz of voices, the constant patter of countless pairs of shoes, a potpourri of colours and scents. of shoes, a potpourri of colours and fragrances... A thriving city centre quality of life: we go there for coffee with friends friends, meet up with colleagues for an after-work beer or stroll through the streets. or stroll through the streets to gain new impressions. But a relaxed trip to the city also costs time, which many of us do not have. don't have. So it's no wonder that online shopping is becoming more and more popular. However, this trend is endangering what makes our leisure time that makes our leisure time special: the small owner-managed boutique, the chic concept store, the quaint greengrocer, the cosy favourite café. café. In the past few years, the local retail trade has already experienced severe experienced severe slumps. Many shops are closing, hardly any retailer can look the future without a care in the world.
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that would be different. Imagine if you could strengthen your city centre through internet shopping.

>Online and offline world

do not have to exclude each other.

Through dasbob, we want to revitalize local commerce by connecting it directly to you - no matter where you are. Our innovative internet department store is based on the fact that the products you order at dasbob are delivered exclusively from your city or your region. With your online purchase you support these local suppliers without having to make any sacrifices yourself. In our internet department store you will find fashion, accessories, decoration, furnishings, technology and food, but also services.

In doing so, we guarantee fair treatment of all parties involved:

>Your lifestyle
Our concern

dasbob enables retailers and service providers to sell goods and services selected by us without registration or usage fees at the usual shop prices on the Internet, without having to set up their own web shop or comply with certain (price) specifications.

The range of goods as well as the sales prices result from the selection of dasbob and the existing assortment of the dealers themselves.

All products are delivered quickly and emission-free by in-house bicycle and e-mobile couriers - on request on the same day as the order.

Delivery without a guilty conscience!

Our Internet store is based on solidarity, holistic and

Sustainability. All parts of the dasbob community - both retailers and

suppliers, as well as customers - contribute their share without additional effort.

to our fluctuating system.

And because we want everyone - regardless of social status,

origin or profession - can profit from our offer, will be

we make it possible for all users of our Internet department store to buy every offered

Item to bob for a euro if needed.

We do not engage in pseudo-charity. We keep our promises

we - and make our concept after successful start-up of the

project is comprehensible to everyone. Because our highest values

are transparency, honesty and openness.

How does thebob work


Shop in our internet department store for goods and services from your region at unbeatable prices, or try bobbing for 1€.


Receive your order quickly and emission-free from our in-house bicycle and e-mobile couriers.


Enjoy your new products in the knowledge that you have not only made a bargain with your purchase, but also supported your city centre.

dasbob offers you...

Support dasbob!

Now it's on to making thebob real. 

Check back in the near future to learn more about our idea!