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for you. for me. for everyone.

During the last few years, local retail has experienced a significant decline due to the trend toward online shopping.

What if online shopping could help you support your downtown and local retail?

Join the change and experience dasbob - your new digital department store.


dasbob – your new digital department store

Introducing dabob, the shopping revolution! In today's fast-paced society, we have little time to browse in a relaxed manner and to fully enjoy the benefits of local shopping. While retailers invest a lot of time in an attractive display of their goods, offer individualized advice, and provide a wide range of inspiration, they seldom have the opportunity to operate an online store in addition.

The fierce competition of the online giants leaves small retailers with few prospects in the market. Thankfully, that's changing now!

dasbob takes a completely different approach: Our digital department store supports retailers in gaining back the customers they lost to classic eCommerce. The key to maintaining sustainable operations is transparency and equity, so there are no pitfalls in the fine print, no unfair terms for our partners.

Not only do we to bring attention to local retailers, but we actively work to strengthen local businesses.

Does that pique your interest? Join us on this journey to create an economy that benefits everyone and brings joy to our lives.


dasbob: how it works

dasbob is your new digital department store! Our platform enables retailers and service providers to present their offers online. We also offer unique offers to encourage you to buy with dasbob.

We are always nearby! Based on your zip code, we find products that are closest to you that are linked to retailers in your neighborhood, allowing retailers to increase sales and customers to get their products faster.

We deliver straight to your door! Due to the retailer's close proximity, the products can be delivered on the same day. Our delivery is emission-free, since we rely on bicycle couriers with cargo bikes.

We make it affordable! We make sure that dabob is always 10% cheaper than all the competitors and that our retail partners receive 100% of the sales.

Better together: Dasbob offers local retailers all the benefits of online shopping. Together, we strengthen the retail sector and ensure that city centers remain vibrant and diverse.

Dasbob: your benefits

Shop local while saving money!

Think shopping localy is costlier than shopping online?

Let us convince you of the opposite and present you with a unique alternative to the conventional purchase.



All products on come with a best price guarantee. Meaning that you always pay 10% less than anywhere else without any exception.

No matter where you shop online, dasbob will always be cheaper!

How does this align with the support of our local partners? Simply put, our retailers always receive the full retail price from us, independently of the price the customer pays.

bob for



This is truly unique! You also have the opportunity to bob any product you can buy on for 1 Euro - Whether it's your new favorite jeans, cool sneakers, the latest technology gadgets, or even a car.

Any product that is available for purchase can also be bobbed. The specifics of how this works will be discussed in detail once the department store is launched.


Our values and goals
at dasbob

Combined, we can make a difference.

Discover the goals we strive for, the routes we will take to achieve them, and the things we always maintain.

We also take great care in choosing our partners to ensure that our ideas on values and ethics are in line.

Transparent, open, honest

for you. for me. for everyone.

dasbob stands for openness. This includes being transparent and honest about our vision at all times.

City Center 3.0

We do more than simply digitize retail.

It is our goal to bring business and society together, not coexist.


healthy body, healthy mind - that applies to the environment as well!

Let's work together to achieve a sustainable way of consumption and living.

Equality of opportunity

At dasbob, every human being is equal!

Take the advantage to save on your purchase every day or to get your hands on long-awaited products by bobbing.

We are also dedicated to providing support to socially disadvantaged people.


dasbob unites sellers with customers, retail and online shopping with people.

We envision a vibrant city centre that is built for the future.

With our platform, we link local retail to the local community in a completely new way, as well as provide incentives that clearly differentiate us from classic online shopping.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life in our society. Therefore, we are actively involved and support organizations that deal with youth development, violence prevention, and tackling poverty among the elderly.

dasbob: coming soon!

We are only a short time away from our shopping revolution.

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