11 Friends you shall be

Marc Schürmann takes up position at KFC Uerdingen's board of directors

Nobody in Krefeld can get around KFC Uerdingen. As a football club with a long-standing tradition, KFC Uerdingen has achieved iconic status and is an established local hero. Partnerships with many companies that are just as traditional are a regular feature of KFC Uerdingen.

The time has come to go off the beaten track. dasbob, as the young and wild, is exactly the right contrast to the existing connections and partnerships.

We always consider partners as part of the dasbob family. From now on, we have a very special connection to KFC Uerdingen. Marc Schürmann, Managing Director of dasbob Logistik GmbH and business partner in the dasbob group of companies, is now part of the board of directors at KFC Uerdingen.

This very special connection will produce a very successful partnership for both sides. Selime Demir, Managing Director of dasbob Vertriebs GmbH and speaker of the dasbob group of companies has no doubt that the entire dasbob team is looking forward to exciting collaborative projects, awesome events and an absolutely perfect partnership.

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