dasbob Logistik GmbH empowers Managing Director

Marc Schürmann is the head of the new subsidiary of the dasbob group of companies.

With today's notarial certification, dasbob Logistik GmbH now has a new official representative for all business matters. Marc Schürmann, as the new managing director of dasbob Logistik GmbH, will take the lead in developing, planning and managing the logistics processes of the dasbob group of companies.

Marc has plenty experience in all areas of logistics. With a lot of instinct and a golden Tetris thumb, he not only ensures effective use of space in parcels and storage areas, he also knows the best tricks for the most efficient delivery routes.

With his team, Marc will make sure that all dasbob customers benefit from fast deliveries and that we can always develop new ideas for climate-neutral, resource-saving transport solutions at the same time.

dasbob Logistik GmbH is much more than a very important part of the group of companies; it is the flagship and the unmistakable mark of recognition for our commitment to sustainability. With our well thought-out processes, we go about proving that good and fast logistics also works off the traditional paths: with short shipping routes and the use of climate-neutral transport vehicles, dasbob establishes new standards.

We are happy that Marc joined us and wish him a bombastic start.

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