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dasbob at your fingertips - meet us in the real world.

Unlike all other big internet companies or retailers, we really want to be there for you! To this end, we create space for encounters and exchange - between you and us and everyone else.

With our unique concept, we are becoming a "hands-on internet group". We live our values and want to actively show you that transparency and openness are really important to us! With our terminals, dasbob gets even more personality - represented by our teams on site.

The terminal cafés become your direct connection to dasbob - and of course to your city. In the middle of the city centres, we create small feel-good oases with a modern, futuristic look. Come by for a coffee and use the touch displays in our tables to complete or bob your purchases on

You can find our terminals mainly in hotspots and conurbations - in total, we will be there for you at around 120 locations. Use the visit to get quick support for service requests or problems. Directly on the spot from real people - without a long waiting loop. Our competence teams on site personally take care of all your concerns and offer you direct support and advice. Our visitors are always at the centre of attention in each of our terminals!

You have difficulties with your customer account, questions about your orders or a complaint and do not want to call an impersonal hotline? Take advantage of the expertise of our service specialists and get help with all your questions directly and, above all, personally on site!

You only know dasbob from recommendations or advertising, but do not quite understand how it works, need help with registration or want to know what exactly is behind it? Come into one of our terminals! Over a cup of coffee, we will help you set up an account or overcome problems and difficulties. Of course, we will also be happy to explain in detail what dasbob does, explain our goals and values, show you what opportunities we offer and who we actually are!

To make your stay in our terminal cafés as pleasant as possible, we ensure that our offer is always available at fair and affordable prices. For example, a cup of coffee will only cost about half (or even less) of what you are used to in other cafés.

With our terminals, we want to offer a place where you can feel good and where you will want to come back again and again. In this way, we actively contribute to new diversity in the city centres!