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We pull forward New Year's Eve and rock it out already

Brilliant first investment round successfully completed.

Here at dasbob headquarters, champagne is popping, glasses are tinkling and confetti is spreading all over the place. No, this is not our Xmas bash - but we do have a reason to celebrate, and it's not even that small.

A few days ago, we successfully closed the first round of financing for dasbob. The support that we received for our vision and the work we did so far is the icing on the cake that we are sharing with you here.

This very special, almost unique round of investors was an exciting and action-packed time for us - which is why we are even more overjoyed about the fantastic result.

We have found a strong partner who is bringing dasbob forward super-fast by investing 16 million euros. This is based on a partnership at eye level, just as we have always intended. All authority to take decisions will remain with dasbob. We will keep the complete amount of our corporate autonomy, be able to express our values without any pressure from the outside and finally make dasbob really big.

The most beautiful thing about it: we found an honest and sincere partner to whom we didn't have to sell our soul in order to find a basis.

From the start, the investment is exit-oriented. Specifically, this means that the investor will not be actively involved in the day-to-day business or the development of dasbob.

Let's tap the confetti from our hair and then, with loads of sparks in our luggage, we will launch our dasbob rocket!

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