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We fire up the next revolution stage!

dasbob takes another step towards independence and we take you with us.

As a logical consequence of our claim and to complement our values, we want to continue to work on achieving a fairer distribution in our society. It is obvious to consider the importance of cryptocurrencies here and to make use of the strength behind them.

Our vision is to make a token a fully-fledged means of payment in commerce.

In the final stage, dasbob will be the first full-range provider to offer you payment with cryptocurrency, revolutionising the payment system in e-commerce. The possibility to pay for all purchases on and at all affiliated merchants with cryptocurrency will be the final expansion stage in a self-contained ecosystem.

In the launch phase, you will receive a thebobcoin token at an issue price of €0.25 - the exchange value per token will always be at least €1.00, we guarantee that.

You can find more information at

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