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Support and help trade in a targeted way: That is dasbob

Online shopping has made life so much easier: with just a few clicks, you can get what you need at any time without having to leave the house, and in some cases you even get the goods the same day.

For retailers in cities, this means that customers rarely, if ever, shop in their local shops. Retailers are losing an important source of revenue as a result, and many are already closing their doors for good.

After all, creating an online shop is expensive and complex. And even if they sell through a platform, they always have to pay commissions, which can be more than 20 percent. So they often have no or hardly any profit.


dasbob is the marketplace for your city. We bring you and local shops together, making an important contribution to sustainable consumption: where other online retailers ship their goods from afar, we deliver all products directly from the retailer to your home. This means no shipping warehouses and therefore a lot of money is saved - which we pass on to you in the form of free shipping, best price guarantee and even support for social projects.