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Equal opportunities
for everyone.

We are working to create a world where everyone has the same opportunities, no matter where they come from or what their background is.

We invest a significant part of our profits in social projects from a wide range of areas. We ensure that children from socially disadvantaged households have the same opportunities as their classmates. It may be complete equipment for school or support for participation in a school trip. Special programs for the prevention of violence are also designed to help young people or young adults from troubled areas get on the right track.

dasbob starts exactly where others turn their backs and our politicians cannot or do not want to find solutions. We want to ensure that the current generations have a good and enjoyable life in old age, without having to supplement their meager pensions by collecting bottles. No one should have to fear poverty in old age anymore.

Our constant social commitment is to ensure that all people have the same opportunities for a fulfilled and happy life. We want to strengthen the sense of community within our society again and put it first.