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We are Europe's first super app

and the only one, where you can bob too.

We will make any productaffordable for all, by many - and turn your world upside down.

10 % best price guarantee for the dasbob-highlights.

bobb everything for 1 €! Whether it's sneakers or cool tech gadgets.

emission-free, climate-neutral same-day delivery.

Shop online and support local

About dasbob

who is dasbob

The local online shop with the best prices and the largest selection of items!!

We bring your favourite shops to your home! dasbob will be your new online department store with a full selection of items. With us you get everything your heart desires. Your advantage: You order from the comfort of your own home - we deliver the same day. We locate which retailer has your desired products in stock based on your postcode and have them picked up there by couriers. Everything is emission-free and climate-neutral.

Just a little more patience is all you need till you can visit our online shop. In the meantime, why not take a look at our explanation video (voice-over only in German)? You'll get more insights on what's waiting for you at dasbob.

dasbob highlights

Best Price Guarantee 10 %

Discover thousands of products with best price guarantee and unbeatable 10% discount at dasbob. This means we are always cheaper than all other online shops.


bobben, buy, save, enjoy. This is your new shopping experience at

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How does that work?


dasbob will offer you a huge selection of products. Tell us what you need, and we will show you what we have to offer.


Order on dasbob and get your items delivered directly to your door from retailers in Germany.


A courier delivers your order quickly, sustainably and, above all, emission-free. Usually even on the same day!

your advantages & benefits

You can only get that from us!

What benefits await you at dasbob? Take a look at what we have planned and let us convince you of our unique benefits!

Pay 10 % less

Our dasbob highlights are selected items that are always 10 % cheaper than in any other online shop. For real? Yes!

Your favourite pieces bobbed for 1€

From the latest sneaker, to a big flat screen TV or a new car: dasbob offers you the chance to get it all for just 1 €!

Ordered today, delivered today

If you order in the morning, you will receive your items on the same day!
And it is emission-free and climate-neutral!

Bobbing for 1 €
This is truly unique!

You also have the opportunity to bob any product you can buy at dasbob for 1 euro. Whether it is your new favourite jeans, cool and trendy sneakers, the latest tech gadgets or even a car.

Everything that you can buy from us regularly, you can also bob. More details will be available here soon.

Fresh groceries
to your home!

dasbob fills your fridge in record time.

We deliver all the groceries you need, whether it is fresh vegetables for your lunchtime salad, tasty snacks for a movie night or a good piece of meat for your perfect dinner.

Everything is with you in 10 minutes - delivered emission-free by our bicycle couriers and of course without any delivery costs, as you are used to from dasbob.

advantages & benefits

Many more benefits await you!

Are you a fan of special benefits and offers? Then you will love dasbob!

  • Every month we have a Car-Friday: bob a new car for only 1 €!
  • Book a table at the best restaurants in town.
  • Book an appointment with your regular hairdresser - including great extras.
  • Great benefits, such as a sustainable world trip, will await all hard-working bobbers.

thebobcoin token

eCommerce in a new, different, secure and well conceived way.

Be independent of banks and central interfaces. Always have credit available and benefit from simple payment processes.

thebobcoin token is our joker when it comes to the big evolution in eCommerce.

Get your thebobcoin tokens now at the exclusive issue price.

"In our fast-paced world, it is time to put the focus back on the community, and dasbob makes a great contribution to this. The goal is not only to make local retail more visible in the digital space, but above all to support and promote programmes and measures against social disadvantage.

I am happy to support these goals with my experience and know-how."

Reinhard C. Mannesmann

Entrepreneur and Advisor of dasbob Beteiligungs AG