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Enjoy your independence with the dasbob credit card!

dasbob offers you a completely free prepaid credit card, which you can use as a classic means of payment in your everyday life. Everywhere where payment with credit cards is accepted, you can also pay with our card.

Of course, you can also use your credit card for your shopping experience at As you already know it from other stores, as a payment function, but also for other features on Simply use the credit you have deposited on the card for bobbing. To do this, you can convert credit into bobs at the click of a mouse. The new bobs are immediately available in your customer account and you can use them directly.

If you choose a dasbob credit card, you will also receive attractive offers for insurance services - a large part of which is even free of charge! You also get access to an exclusive Concierge Hotline that offers you great services: The concert of your favorite musicians is sold out - dasbob helps you to get tickets! You almost missed your best friend's birthday? We organize a last minute flower delivery for you! Our Concierge service offers you an all-round service - let us know what you need and we will help you!

With our credit card, we are not only taking another step towards the future, but also laying the foundation for many other attractive offers of the dasbob business groups.