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If you like benefits and deals,
you will love dasbob.

Our marketplace is waiting for you with thousands of great deals. Every purchase offers you great benefits. Discover the many reasons why you should shop and bob with us.

Car-Day on Friday: bobb your car!

A brand new car for only 1 €? Sure – with dasbob!

Every four weeks, on Fridays, you have the opportunity to become the owner of a brand new car! For just 1 €, you can get a small city car, a family car or a cool convertible.

Book a hairdressing appointment and dinner table

Make your life easier by booking appointments for you and your family, reserving tables at restaurants or buying tickets for the next movie - all from one place.

It gets even better: if you book an appointment through dasbob, there are even more rewards waiting for you! For example, if you attend your wellness appointment, we will give you a care product or a bag of popcorn with your purchased cinema ticket.

You happen to be in town and have ordered something from dasbob? With self pick-up, you not only receive your goods immediately, but you also support us! Because the costs for the bicycle courier are saved and donated to social projects.

The free dasbob
prepaid credit card!

Pay everywhere with the dasbob prepaid credit card and get excited about great rewards and surprises!

You will receive all important updates on the dasbob credit card through our newsletter.

Our Terminal Café

For anyone who wants to know more about dasbob or needs personal help, there are our terminal cafés: you will find our team here who will help you with your orders, answer your questions and give you tips.

The comfortable spots are also perfect if you want to work with your laptop in a relaxed atmosphere, or want to take a look at what great deals or offers are currently available online on dasbob.

Take advantage of our local storage service. Our team will be happy to collect your orders in your personal locker. Drop by for a coffee and leave your purchases with us. We will keep all your things safe for you, so you do not have to move on heavily packed. Decide for yourself whether you want to collect everything later or use the option of having your purchases delivered to your home by our couriers.

We view the 120 terminal cafés spread across Germany as a place for communication. We want conversations to happen, people to get to know each other, inspire each other and develop new ideas. dasbob wants to give you and everyone else a place to meet, because we think it is important to bring people together.

You can check out a first virtual walk-through here to see what you can expect.

Already bobbed today?
Do it again!

No bob ever gets wasted! We promise!

With the use of bobs you get the opportunity to get everything you find on dasbob for only 1 € and because every bob belongs to a big pool, you never lose any of them.

With every bob you or someone else uses, you get even more opportunities for unique benefits - for example, a great trip around the world, sustainable of course and as emission-free as possible.